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The Henry Change Annual Golf Outing


Engineers Educational & Opportunities Foundation Inc.


Deputy Commissioner, DCAS

Jerry Torres

- 2019 Guest of Honor - 

Biography of Mr. Jerry Torres, Deputy Commissioner, DCAS

For over three-and-a-half-decades Jerry Torres has proven himself the ideal public servant with a 36-year career with the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). Beginning in the title of Custodian Assistant and culminating to the title of Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner Torres (“DC Torres” as he is affectionately known) seamlessly excelled to the ranks of Deputy Commissioner primarily because of his character, habits, and positive beliefs in others. His work-ethic, discipline, maturity along with his authentic personality and warm non-judgmental spirit, culminate to a rare trusted public sector leader.

DC Torres leads by example. In 1983 as a Custodian Assistant in the Department of General Services he served as a catalyst for the growth of facilities management.  He provided services in an efficient and timely manner and complied with the customers’ requirements. He swept, mopped, buffed the floors, spot cleaned the walls, among other things and did it all with a smile and a thank you. His habits refined his character; his habit is to put others first; his character is to keep them there. Not surprisingly, he was subsequently promoted to Assistant Building Custodian. He supervised staff while instructing and encouraging them, teaching them while learning from them.

DC Torres’ responsibilities increased exponentially as he was promoted from Senior Building Custodian (Custodian Level 3) to Borough Supervisor, 1995, to Assistant Chief of Building Services, 1998, to Director of Building Services, 1998; from Assistant Commissioner, 2011, to Deputy Chief Asset Management Officer, 2014, to Deputy Commissioner of Facilities Management, 2018. Over the years, he refined his interpersonal, communication, and managerial skills; but significantly, his character remained unchanged. His titles changed, but Jerry Torres the person, who started as the smiling Custodian Assistant, has not. His knowledge and experience in facilities management and his in-depth of knowledge of New York City government regarding real-estate, assets and management increased extensively. However, his caring for others, his love for humanity and his desire to see the best in others remained unchanged.  He does his best for others; and expects the best from others; and they all know it. 

As Deputy Commissioner of Facilities Management (DCAS) he manages 55 facilities (15 million square feet). With a staff of approximately 1200 that house both the Office of Court Administration and non-court agencies with units ranging from Building Services, Maintenance, Small Repairs, Mechanical Maintenance, Fire and Life Safety, Tenant Services, Trade Shops and DCAS In-House Moves. He also initiates the planning, scheduling, and implementation of specialty projects such as Energy Conservation and Recycling. And although the magnitude and scope of his work and responsibilities increased exponentially, he never changed.  His staff are drawn to his character, not his title. They respect his titles but the character of the person in that title is what motivates them to want to labor and serve the public.

Accordingly, DC Torres is a true professional and a trusted leader; he leads by example but manages through his authentic personality, warm, non-judgmental spirit, and character. He is a trusted leader meriting the trust and support of his staff and the public.  I proudly proclaim him as our Deputy Commissioner, and a friend.

Our leader- DC Torres


 Chris Guthrie


- 2019 Industry Lifetime Achievement Award -

Christopher Guthrie was born in Co. Clare Ireland and immigrated to the United States as a young man. Soon after his arrival, he took up the Stationary Engineering trade as a proud member of IUOE Local #30, becoming a Chief Engineer. For many years, he taught Refrigeration theory and also helped countless aspiring Engineers earn their Refrigeration and High Pressure Boiler Licenses. He never turned away someone who was looking for help, often taking calls at home at all hours to help Engineers diagnose and troubleshoot issues on the job. He is happy to know that the Henry Chang Engineers Education and Opportunity Foundation will be helping young people find educational and career opportunities in the City of New York, his adopted hometown.


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