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Secret Snowflake NYC

The Foundation

Dec 25, 2023

Secret Snowflake NYC - The Henry Chang Foundation Donates $7,500

Each year, the Office of the Mayor and NYC Service host a program called Secret Snowflake. Secret Snowflake is an annual winter donation drive in which volunteers answer to handwritten holiday letters from a child or young person in need.

The Henry Chang Foundations provided a $7,500 donation to the program which contributed to 10 percent of the programs recipients, 1,300 youth served. In honor of Henry Chang, we support causes that reflect the values he believed in. We are happy to be apart of the program and its success to help provide relief for families seeking aslyum in New York City.. Daniel Donovan and Marco Palao assisted in writing cards and sorting gifts for asylum-seeking youth covered under Secret Snowflake during the service project.

We look forward to participating in the next years Secret Snowflake!

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